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Celebrate Engineering Ingenuity (CEI) Day

CEI Day allows young people to learn more about careers and educational opportunities available to them in science and engineering as well as participating in several exciting contests and competitions such as dropping eggs off a balcony. 2018 CEI Day was held at SMV on Sun 2/11/18. More CEI Info. Below are photos and information from the 2018 CEI Day

Central Virginia technical and engineering societies participated in the 2018 CEI event and a number of contests were held. ASM held a CO2 powered car contest. They are planning to hold one in 2019 as well. For reference here are the 2018 rules for building a dragster and competing  CO2 Car Contest.

ASME also held their popular Egg Drop Contest. Many eggs were smashed in an attempt to drop them safely from the balcony of the science museum. Here were the 2018 rules Egg Drop Rules

ASCE held their annual Bridge Building Contest using popsicle sticks. Here’s a video from 2013  Video  For future reference here are the 2018 Popsicle Bridge Rules

And Frequently Asked Questions

Many societies staffed booths, answering questions about technical careers in their respective fields as well . If your group would like to participate in a future Celebrate Engineering Ingenuity Day event contact Ms Yen Huynh yhuynh@comcast.net

Photos from 2018 CEI Day